It's time to Decide

Have you every thought or said the following?

“It would be so cool if……”

“I would love to…….”


“I HOPE that…..”

 So many times we dream about what we wish life could be like, but then we dismiss it and accept the daily drudgery that we have been given. Feeling like we have to work with what we’ve got.

The truth is, our lives are what they are based on a million little decisions that we make every day. We choose what to focus on and we decide how we feel about those things. It is the collection of all those little decisions everyday that drive our behavior and create the life we have.

All of those things we wish, and hope could be our lives, can actually be. Yes! They can!  It only takes a decision.

I know that seems, very simplistic and life is more complicated then that. Well, I didn’t say it would be easy or not take work. But nothing will change if you don’t decide to change it and make it the way you want it to be.  Here’s the magic. DECISIONS REQUIRE ACTION!  Once you really make a decision, you have to DO. Start, right now, decide and GO!

If you never take action and do the things to make the thing happen, then you really haven’t made a decision have you. You have simply stated a preference. You would prefer something different for yourself. You can sit around a think about it all day, and hope you get lucky. It might happen, it might not.


You can decide you want it. Then you start to do things differently, you focus on different things and choose to feel a different way and begin to move your life in a different direction.  It all starts with a decision.

For example, many people in the world would like to lose a few pounds, get more fit, be healthy. They talk about it all the time. They certainly would prefer to be a few pounds lighter. But once they DECIDE enough is enough, they stop hoping and wishing and make a decision to get healthy, things start to happen. They choose a program, make a plan, eat different, and start moving. They start weighing and measuring themselves and tracking their progress. Their DECISION leads to ACTION which changes their reality.  

Same is true in business. I hear many people talk about how they want to build a business, make some money, earn free trips, promote up the ladder.  Everyone I know would prefer all those things!  But it is only the ones that DECIDE and begin to act and do the things that will get them there consistently over time that make it a reality.

What have you been hoping and wishing for in your life?  What decisions have you been putting off? Is it time to finally make those DECISIONS, and take the ACTIONS?  What would life look like if you just decided?

Now go have a fabulous day,

Heather Lambert