Smiles and Scents

Smiles and Scents

Heather Lambert

Independent Scentsy Consultant

Helping you live your best life and providing

products to make it smell good too.


Travel with Scentsy

If traveling to new places and experiencing new cultures is on your bucket list, Scentsy can be that opportunity. Since I have been with Scentsy, I have traveled and experienced more places then I could have ever imagined. So many adventures and opportunities to see not just this country, but the world! It has given me such an appreciation for not only how different life is in different pockets of the world, but how much the same we all are too.


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Featured Products 

Summer Collection 2019

Choose your adventure!

Donald Duck and Daisy - Scentsy Buddies
Spring/Summer 2019

Donald and Daisy have joined the Scentsy Family! Our Disney Collection continues to grow, check it out!


All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate
Spring/Summer 2019

If you have not tried our new all-purpose concentrate you are missing out! Works on everything! My favorite cleaning scent it Lemon Verbena.


Your Life, your business, you choose

Life is so much happier when we have choices about how we live. One of the big reasons I have enjoyed my Scentsy business for so long is because it has provided us with so many choices we may not otherwise have had. We have been able to choose where and how we live. We choose when to work, and when to have fun. And with Scentsy, I get to choose how I grow my business in a way that works for me, my lifestyle and my family.

If your feeling like you are doing things because you have to and not because you want to, perhaps it is time to shake things up. Try something new that can give you the flexibility to make choices for you and your family that will bring you more joy and happiness.

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