Let's talk about your BUT

No, I am not talking about the butt you sit on. I am talking about the, " ya, but" you tell yourself and your family and friends. The one that you use to not do "the thing". You know that thing. The thing that has been in your head or on your heart for a long time now. Except every time you get excited about it, and get close to maybe possibly doing that "thing", the "Ya, but" sneaks in there and puts up the stop sign. 

So what is your "Thing".  Have you always wanted to go back to school? Take up a new hobby/craft, travel to somewhere amazing, move to a different climate, quit your crappy job, write a book, remodel your house, start your own business? What's that thing that keeps popping into your head and tugging at your heart?

Now, lets get real. What are all the "reasons" you tell yourself you can't do it. Just so you know those are also called excuses. Yes, there are some that are more challenging then others. However, just because your wall is a little higher doesn't mean you can't have all your dreams and wishes. It just means you might have to get more creative, be a little more patient, or ask for help (gasp!)

I have found that there are 3  "ya, buts" that I hear most often. Let me know which one of these is your favorite!  

Ya, but I have no TIME
Ya, but I have no MONEY
Ya, but I might FAIL

There just seems to never be enough time or money for all the fun things we want to do in life, am I right? And if we are going to fail, why bother wasting what little time and money we have, right?  I have no doubt that all three of these are absolutely TRUE!  

The question is....What are you going to do about it?

None of these things are reasons (aka, excuses) to not go after every single one of your hearts desires!  You are just as important as every single person in your life that you look after, take care of, and fulfill all the wants and needs for. 

In fact, you are MORE important! Yep, I said it. You have to be your best you to take care of them the best way possible. You know it is true. What better way to inspire them to their best self, then for you to model it yourself?

So, get fired up about your dreams! Get creative! Find a way! Ask for help! Take Action! 

You can make anything happen if you DECIDE to do it. Because you are more powerful then you think, and more capable then you give yourself credit for. 

What are you going to DECIDE To do?