My Story


I just needed a hobby. Something fun just for me, and some extra cash so I could do fun things with my family.  Seven years later and I couldn’t imagine what my life would be without Scentsy. What started out as just something fun for me to do, turned into a career that has taken care of my family so my husband could finish school, a means to travel the world and experience things I never would have dreamed for myself, and a source of the best friendships and support I could ever hope for. It has allowed me to be a work from home mom so that I can enjoy every day with my kids, and be there when they need me. It provided the means to give my kids’ experiences like a trips to Las Vegas and California.

I love Scentsy. I love that our products are safe and the best quality you can find. They are beautiful and fragrant at the same time. I love that our owners and executive team care about us, not just our sales.  I love that I can run my business on my time, in my own way, a long side and with my family. I love that I can be myself, with no script or uniform. I love that the concept is simple, and all I have to do is share the amazing fragrances that make people happy.  I love that our company motto is give more than you take. I love that I can help individuals and organizations through fundraising, or support my team members and watch them do things they never thought they could do.  I love my Scentsy life and all the opportunities it has provided me. What would a Scentsy business do for you?

Let’s explore what goals and dreams you have for you and your family, and figure out how Scentsy can help you make it all reality.