Summer Schedules are so hard!

So it's the last week of school. Summer is coming, which means the child will be home. It means that all of the routines and systems we have in place for managing life, go right out the window for the next 2 ish months. Whether you work at home or not, summer presents challenges for us all!

 If you are in a full time traditional job, then you now have to find a place for your kids to go during the day, and maybe that means pick up and drop off are different. Even if you find a summer camp to occupy their day, you may have to change up your morning routine to include packing lunch, bathing suits, dry towels, and applying sunscreen before they leave. The extra expense of summer camp can be a burden also. All day, week long child care, with activities to wear them out does not come cheap!

As a work at home parent, the expense of summer camp is totally worth it! Having a bored child on your hands is not conducive to focused work time of any kind. I have to plan my day in chunks, being sure to give him bits of my time all day so I can provide snacks and activities to hold his attention long enough for me to cross something off my list. We are out and about more too, which means planning work that I can take with me while he plays.

My best tips for getting work done while they are home on vacation is Chuck E. Cheese, and finding them a friend. I really wish Chuck E Cheese had an annual pass so he could play forever, lol.  It is one of the places I seem to get the most done during the summer.  He can play, is perfectly happy and occupied and I can work at the table. It’s fabulous! Finding him a friend has been helpful too! Inviting his friend to come to our house to play means that on occasion he can go there to play too! Either works fabulously! I would caution you though that this is a play date for them, not for you. If you schedule play dates that include the other parent, you will not get work done! I love being able to visit and socialize with other adults, but if I need to get work done, only the child is invited.

Even if you don't have kids, summer can mean that you plan your activities and chores a little different. there are more kids everywhere!  Finding the times to enjoy your community with the least amount of disruption is going to increase the enjoyment of whatever you choose. 

Planning ahead is always a great idea so matter what your situation. Knowing that it will be different and giving yourself permission to take some time to enjoy each other and some fun summer activities is important too. It will help you be more effective and efficient when you do need to get stuff done.

What is your best tip to survive the summer? Share your tips in the comments!