You my friend are amazing! You have done so many amazing things! I’ll bet you did some things yesterday that you should be pretty proud of. Seriously! Get out a piece of paper right now and make a list, an “I did it!” list.

We are all so overwhelmed with how “busy” we are, and all the things we have to do. We are always stressed out about how are going get it all done.

I feel like we need to cut ourselves some slack. We are doing soooooo much, but we don’t give ourselves enough credit.

Celebrating our accomplishments, big and small, significant or seemingly insignificant, can be so beneficial to our self worth, stress levels, and perception of time.

How we feel is often determined by what we choose to focus on. When we focus on what we didn’t get done, we feel inadequate and not good enough cause we didn’t get it all done. BUT, if we choose to focus on what we did accomplish, now we feel badass! You can say, “Look at everything I did, I am amazing!” (yes, it is ok to brag on yourself from time to time, you deserve it)

More importantly, when we focus on what we have accomplished, we often realize that we have done enough today, there is nothing else urgent, and it is ok to stop, slow down and just enjoy. When we understand that we have taken care of and given to everyone else sufficiently, It gives us permission to spend a little time on ourselves without feeling so guilty. (cause mom guilt is real)

So, take a minute at the end of each day and make an “I did it!” list. Write down ALL the things you did whether they were easy or hard, took 5 minutes or 4 hours, write them done. Then take a minute and recognize yourself for your accomplishments. You did those those things. You are important and valuable in the world. You should be proud of yourself! You deserve a few minutes to do something you enjoy, just for you!

Now share in the comments, What did you do today?