What are you looking forward to?

You just never know what life will throw at you

 I just returned from an amazing week at our Scentsy Corporate offices for what we call Summit. For 3 days top leaders in our company gather for training, to share ideas, and give feedback. While we are there, Scentsy is very good at celebrating us and making us feel valued. But the best, most rewarding part of the week was the time we had with each other. The conversations over dinner and the late night lobby chats where so special. We got to know each other like we didn't know before. 

What I learned from getting to know all these amazing leaders was that they were just regular people that had struggled and overcome life's obstacles just like me. That they are insecure and unsure of them selves, just like me. And just like me, they often feel like they are not quite good enough at all the things we try to do in our lives as moms, wives, daughters, sisters, business owners, and leaders, etc. 

As they told their stories, I was in awe of these brave, and strong women. They had overcome or were currently working through so much in their lives, yet here they were still taking one step at a time moving towards the big dreams and goals they had set for themselves. I realized that when you see someone that looks confident and strong, so gifted and talented in their endeavors, you never know what might be going on in their lives. It is likely that they look strong because they are overcoming. They are facing those challenges head on and looking forward to the other side of the mountain they are facing.  So what pushes them forward? What was keeping them from just giving up and wasting away on the couch and being miserable each and every day? How did they find the strength to overcome the things that life had thrown their way?

The biggest thing this business has given me and many others in it, is connection. As humans we must connect with others. Even us introverts that need our alone time still must connect with people and have positive relationships that can support us. When life throws things, it is those relationships that we can lean on. No one gets through life alone. Sometimes you need a lot of help and advice, and sometimes it is just a hug, but knowing that people care about you have are there when you need them, and are happy to see you happy is invaluable in this life and gives us the strength we need to get through. 

Knowing you have support is powerful, but you still have to have a goal/dream that will keep you moving forward. It is so important to have something to look forward to. No matter what life is throwing our way, and how hard it might be today,  we all need something to work towards. Something that can get us excited and make us smile when we think of it. It will help us continue to take steps through the dark. Looking forward to something fun and exciting that we dream for ourselves can be the thing that pushes us through, until one day the dark is behind us and we are again standing in the light. 

What are you looking forward to? I would love to hear what you are working towards in your life. What is getting you excited today, that helps you continue to take steps through the obstacles that life throws your way. Leave a comment!

Now go have a Fabulous Day!

Heather Lambert

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